• Glass Service

    Glass Service, a.s. (GS) supplies innovative services as well as hardware and software products to improve glass melting, conditioning and forming efficiency.
    GS helps customers to increase glass quality, production efficiency and yield while reducing costs and emissions – all with the highest degrees of Responsiveness, Quality and Excellence.

    FlammaTec, spol. s r.o. & FlammaTec Germany GmbH offer burners suitable for all type of regenerative furnaces, end-port and side-port.
    All burners produce highly luminous flame with under-port and side-port installation and they are suitable for oil, gas and dual fuel creating low NOx through excellent heat transfer resulting in faster batch melting.
  • A-SENS

    Augmented Sensors and Systems d.o.o. (A-SENS) is an innovative company active when Glass meets Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Smart Factory etc.
    A-SENS offers Augmented Sensors and Systems as well as Advanced Vision & Control Systems for Furnace Operation.